Isn’t that what you think when you see that yet another person prefixed yet another -once meaningful- noun with ‘cyber’? Call us old-fashioned, but underneath cyber*, there is either something very ordinary and someone trying hard for a better headline, or something very much nuanced and someone glazing over these depths and nuances with a buzzword. In both cases, the liberal use of ‘cyber’ adds nothing to the discussion¹.

When we navigate around the sales lingo and look at the technology beyond, we find ourselves in the land of computers, networks, registers, packets and the like. And, let’s be honest, often enough when we look at technology in enough detail, ‘wtf?’ is a not an unlikely reaction at first- and often enough also at last sight.

As ‘taking a closer look at computery things’² shall be the recurring theme here, we deem our chosen domain most appropriate. It is also rather easy to remember.


¹There was probably one legitimate use of ‘cyber’, but this was back then, mostly on IRC, and ‘cyber’ was still a verb. The prosaic use of cyber as a prefix by the like of Bruce Bethke, William Gibson, or Neal Stephenson must naturally be exempted from this posit.

² i.e., the weird side of things and especially the malware side of things, complemented by rather clear hints at where we go to speak on these or similar topics.

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